Sunday, 30 April 2017

A walk through the bluebells

My family and I are very lucky with where we live, as we are in the middle of the countryside and are surrounded by lots of beautiful places to walk our dogs. Most Sunday mornings we will go on a fairly long walk with Buster and Bruce, so this morning we decided to venture on one of our favourite walks - down to 'Bluebell Wood', as we like to call it.

And you can see why! In late April/early May the woods are just blanketed in blue, and everywhere you look you are surrounded by bluebells. They give off such a lovely scent and are so pretty to see - this is one of my favourite times of the year because of them.

We had such a lovely and relaxing walk, and then I spent the majority of the rest of the day clearing out my bedroom, in preparation for moving out properly in July. I have found some hilarious stuff - S Club 7 merchandise, Christmas lists, drawings of Mr Smee (apparently because I got him as a McDonald's toy so I had to draw him in my diary), extremely orange foundation from my teenage years... You name it, I probably had it in my bedroom. We ended up with 7 bin bags stuffed with rubbish, plus a pile of stuff to go to the charity shop - and I'm not even finished yet! It's amazing how much you accumulate over the years of living in a house (especially when you don't like throwing anything away...).
Don't kill flowers inside of you for someone who doesn't appreciate the way you bloom.

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