Sunday, 9 April 2017

#CarnLIVal Goody Bag

As promised, here is my post on the #CarnLIVal goody bag that I was kindly given at the event yesterday. I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the brands involved, plus to Katy and Sam for gathering so many amazing products for us. I still can't quite believe how amazing the goody bags were, even after having a proper look through mine! Feeling very lucky right now.

Magnitone Barefaced! Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush

I actually won this Magnitone cleansing brush in the raffle, and I was really pleased because I wanted to try out one of these for ages. Electric cleansing brushes were really popular a year or so back, but I never got round to trying one because some of them are quite expensive (although the one I received currently has £20 off in Boots!). I have used this twice now, and I love it. I take off my make-up, then wet my face and put some of my cleanser onto the brush, turn it on and put the brush against my skin. It feels so lovely as the bristles are really soft, and it feels like it is giving my skin a really deep clean. My face has felt very soft all day today. I would definitely recommend trying this out! Although I would probably buy the orange one :)

One of our goody bags was purely full of food and drink, which was very exciting. I actually ate another pack of the Seabrook crisps last night (sea salt and pepper), and I can confirm that they are delicious. I love Fentimans drinks, so I was excited to find their orange drink in my bag, and I also love jelly beans. I'm not overly keen on almond butter, so will probably give the Pip & Nut sachet to one of my friends that does, but it's a perfect size for a snack or lunch box. I'm looking forward to trying out the noodles though!

The first thing that we were given as we walked through the door was a power bank (portable charger) from Jack & Cable. This was such a good idea as everyone was Instagramming/Twittering/Snapchatting throughout the day, so all of our phone batteries took a bit of a hit. I love that Jack & Cable's all have different designs, and I love the shape of them - they are really thin so they easily fit into a small bag without taking up much space at all.

In my other goody bag I received this beautiful purse from Vendula London. Vendula have loads of bags and purses with gorgeous 3D designs on them, like this poppy design. The purse has loads of room for cards, as well as a purse area for money.

The strange-looking green strap is from a brand called Bed of Nails, and it is an acupressure strap. The idea is that you put it on an area of the body that is sore or achy and lie on it for 10-20 minutes per day. It works a little like acupuncture, and claims to be able to relieve headaches, back pain, cellulite, tendonitis, constipation, period pains and diarrhoea. I'm actually really intrigued and excited to try it, especially on my back after a long day! I will perhaps do a review of it in a few weeks after I've tried it out.

Beautifully Scrumptious Strawberries & Cream Body Butter*

There were a couple of lovely ladies from dermaV10 at #CarnLIVal who were handing out products to each of us. I've tried out a few of their products before and they are actually really good, despite being so cheap (you can find them in shops like Poundland and Home Bargains). I am actually using one of their eye creams at the moment and it really does the job. I'm looking forward to trying out their mascara and their eye cream (although I was slightly worried that the lady handed me anti-wrinkle cream... Maybe I'll start using it when I hit my mid-twenties in July!).  I think I'll give the body butters to friends because I just have so many and I just don't use them very often!

I was actually really excited about the hair products that I found in my goody bag. The bottle of SHOW Lux Volume Mist is just gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much more volume it gives to my hair. I used the TONY&GUY serum on my hair this evening after washing it, and it has made it feel really soft - I can definitely notice a difference. Hair spray is always useful for a night out, and I'm also intrigued to try out the Lee Stafford anti-frizz spray.

Skincare is up next. I love using face masks so was happy to find some in my goody bag - especially these panda ones, as they are so cute! Lip balms are always useful (I have that are in various different bags). I'm excited to try out the ARGAN+ facial oil; I really got into facial oil before Christmas when I started using some from the Beauty Kitchen (post here), which I still use most days, so I'd like to try this one out overnight and see what difference it makes to my skin in the morning.

I am still not entirely sure what these WALTZ7 tabs actually are, but I think the idea is that you put them on the floor of your shower and they release a scent, which is supposed to feel like a spa experience. I'm excited to try them anyway - I think I'll have a proper pamper night soon! I like that they each have a different use - relaxing, energising or inspiring. These Bramley products also look beautiful, and are always useful.

Studio London Nail Files*

I got given a book!! I love reading, so I'm excited to start Wise Children - I really like the cover. I'm also really excited about the Scentered focus therapy balm. You are supposed to apply it to pulse points whenever you need to be mentally alert, and it helps to clear and focus the mind. These wax melts smell gorgeous - I will be adding them to my Yankee Candle electric melt warmer to make my room smell lovely. I love that they are glittery! The Body Fantasies body spray is not my favourite scent, plus I don't really use body sprays that often, but it will make a really lovely room spray.

This is probably the section that I was most excited about - I was given so many lipsticks! I have a red No7 one, a bright pink Illamasqua lipstick, a nude Zuii lip tint, and two brightly coloured Makeup Geek matte lip creams.  I'm particularly excited about the lilac coloured Makeup Geek lip cream, as it's a really cool colour that I've never really seen before. I also love highlighters, so can't wait to try out this Technic one (which you can get from shops like Body Care - it's a really inexpensive yet good quality brand), and the KIKO eyeshadow colour is gorgeous.

Last bit - this post is so long (#sorrynotsorry)! The last two products are to do with periods, so obviously very useful. The first product is the Fab Little Bag, an easy-to-use tampon disposal bag. I can imagine these would be useful to carry in your bag when you're on the move. The second product is a reusable sanitary towel from Earthwise Girls. Now, I know that disposable sanitary towels create a lot of waste, but they are just so easy. I feel really bad for saying it, but I don't think I could be bothered to use and wash my sanitary towels, especially if I only had one. Maybe I should purchase some more and try them out, as they are so much better for the environment.

As you can probably tell, we were absolutely spoilt at #CarnLIVal. I honestly can't believe how amazing the goody bags were, and I feel so, so lucky. It feels like a reward after all of the work that I put into my blog, writing about 5 times a week. Just this post took over an hour and a half to write. I'm sure some full reviews of some of the products will be coming over the next few months after I've tried them properly - and I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the bits that we were gifted yesterday!

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