Saturday, 27 May 2017

Troll by DB Thorne

Troll (noun): a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post.

Troll is a new book by D.B. Thorne that I was able to read a preview of recently, and is centered around an online troll, which is obviously very current right now. Fortune becomes increasingly concerned when his estranged daughter, Sophie, disappears without a trace. The police give up on the investigation, but Fortune keeps searching, insistent that his daughter is alive and driven by guilt due to his failures as a father. He soon finds evidence that Sophie had been hounded by a vicious online troll who seemed to know far too much about her life and her whereabouts. Fortune's search uncovers secrets long ago buried, and he discovers that monsters that prey online don't always stay there.

This novel is alternatively narrated by Fortune and Sophie, revealing their stories individually. It has some really clever twists and turns, and I went through a huge mixture of emotions whilst reading it - sadness, disgust, laughter and empathy. The story gradually reveals the truth behind the characters' past, which made me realise why certain characters did certain things. Sophie is a blogger who gained an online troll as a follower, and that was terrifying to me as you hear similar stories happening in real-life in the media. This novel also reminded me that there is a person behind online trolls, and they probably have a reason why they are being horrible on the internet.

Troll is brilliantly written, and is definitely worth a read if you like realistic thrillers with lots of surprises along the way. The identity of the troll was a shock (although I did begin to suspect it towards the end, when he gave some clever clues), but it tied the rest of the book together in a terrifying but smart conclusion.

You can check out other bloggers' reviews of Troll via the links in the poster for the blog tour below. Troll is available to purchase from 1st June 2017.

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