Thursday, 29 June 2017

Here's why you should stop comparing yourself to others

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We're all guilty of it at some point: comparing ourselves to others. Especially with social media as prominent as it now is in our lives, it's so easy to click on to an app and be faced with hundreds and thousands of other people who apparently have 'better lives' than we do.

Instagram is crammed with humans showcasing the best parts of their lives, with many showing off expensive-looking holidays to the Maldives, the new Mercedes they just bought, or their gym-toned bodies. My Facebook constantly seems to be full of people getting engaged, having babies, landing an amazing new job, or buying a new house. It's easy to see why social media can make others feel inadequate and less well off than others.

The truth is that someone will always be 'better' off than you (if you can even measure how good someone's life is). Someone is always going to earn more money than you; be able to afford more luxurious holidays than you; have your 'ideal' body shape. Plus nobody really ever puts the more mundane parts of their life on social media (apart from those really annoying people that seem to need to document their entire lives on their Facebook). I will post colourful photos of my holidays and new clothes that I have bought on Instagram, but I would never put a photo up of the salad I just made for lunch or the paperwork that I have to sort out.

I now use social media as a way to gain inspiration, and not to feed envy. The women I follow are those that inspire me each day - whether that's with fashion, beauty or posting quotes that I can relate to. When people post holiday photos, I am interested to see whether I'd want to go there, and to get tips on places to visit. Fashion posts are now a way to gain inspiration for a new outfit, rather than to compare my body type to that other person's. New home posts give me ideas for my new flat, and how to decorate it.

Since I stopped comparing myself to other people, I am so much happier. I find that I am happier about myself and who I am, and I have grown in confidence because of this. I also feel really happy that I am an individual and unique to others - I don't particularly want to look like every other 20-something girl in the world. I like that I'm my own person and I don't care so much what others think of me, because I am not concerned about what others are doing when it doesn't involve me.

I guess the point of this rambly post is that we should be ourselves and stop caring what others think, or what other people are doing. We should have our own goals in life and work hard to reach them, rather than trying to do something that someone else is doing. Life is too short to make yourself miserable by comparing your life to other peoples', and the best person that you could be is you. Get out there and be that person.
You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
             - Buddha

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  1. I love this post, you are so right! Whilst it is easy to compare yourself, I love the idea of focusing on other's posts as inspiration, and not through envy.

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